Our Specialization

At VITAPRO we work passionately and take pleasure in providing the highest quality, most aromatic and visually beautiful teas, The teas are blended to make an exceptional Infusion keeping in view the market’s requirements of our valued customers.

We are committed to source and provide the best of Teas from different Tea Estates in India, A number of renowned teas such as Assam and Darjeeling exclusively grow in India. India is also known for its teas from Nilgiri in the south.

We offer The Fresh and Avant-Garde collection of a wide variety of teas and Infusions.

About Quality Control

All our shipments are certified by the internationally recognized laboratory in accordance with the requirement of each destination country.

We have licensed Tea Exporters all the facilities used for packaging and processing of teas are food-grade compliance.

All the required certifications and lab test reports are provided with respect to the exports of tea as per our buyer’s requirement.

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Contact us at the Vita Pro office or submit a business inquiry online.

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Tea Cups And Mugs Arranged On Trays For Taste Test

About Tasting

Our Tea tasters being in the business for more than 2 decades have a thorough knowledge and acute understanding of procurement and quality of different varieties of teas.

The Selection is done on the basis of its leaf, The appearance, the color, the taste of Infusion, and the aroma of Vapor.

About Product Packaging

We offer novel methods, new-fashioned ideas by putting creative thinking to have Original design and Packaging which adds value to our client’s business.

We offer multiple formats of packaging Teabags for HoReCa, Retail chains and wholesale Bulk Packages. Pyramid and Square Tea Bags, Single & Double Chamber Tea Bag with String and Tag, etc. packed in Heat-Sealable Metallized and Paper-Crimped envelopes.

Other packaging formats available are tins, plastic and foil pouches and many more in a wide variety of designs and sizes. We specialize in customizing your packaging which suits the needs of your organization and your market.