Food Safety & Quality Management

The products of Vitapro are made to the exacting standards of the world’s major quality certifications. Products are procured from Farmers who follow the sustainable standards and others are procured form vendors who follow and maintain the quality standards and adhere to international standards of food safety and hygiene.

Quality Analysis report besides all other product-specific certificates accompanies the shipments.

Desired Amount of Fumigant is used to bring down the residues to the lowest level.
Microbiological Contamination is controlled by following the process during each step of the operation to ensure food safety by effectively eliminating food pathogens like salmonella and E-Coli.
There is a great emphasis on quality checks at every step of the process. A careful evaluation is conducted during each step of the operation to ensure that excellence prevails throughout.

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Preventive Measures

For Spices:

To protect the quality of the product in its colour, fragrance and taste and to protect spices from the generation of insects, bacteria, fungi:

  • Avoid humidity in the warehouse, it should be less than 60%. The use of dehumidifiers is recommended to control the degree of humidity in the storage place for spices and condiments.
  • Keep doors and windows closed. Do not expose the products to the outside environment, air and sunlight.
  • Fumigate at regular intervals according to the permissible limits established by the health authorities.
  • Establish and enforce hygiene standards for both , the premises and staff those who handle the product.
  • Do not keep the water in the warehouse as it causes humidity.

For Infusions:

Preventive measures for the long useful life of the product, to take precautions from the attack of microorganisms, insects, etc.

  • The product should not be exposed to the outside environment, it requires storage with controlled temperature and humidity levels.
  • Avoid storing the product in places with high temperature,. Do not expose to air and, sunlight.
  • The recommended humidity should be less than 60 in the place of storage of the infusions.
  • The use of dehumidifiers is recommended to control humidity in the warehouse.
  • Store the product in a dry and cool place.

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