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Our History – Vita Pro

Our History

It has been a journey of 49 years, from the family-run business since 1970 which started as a small company, and gradually grew and diversified into various sectors of the economy. One of which being the FOOD Products under the brand ‘VITAPRO’, initiated to satisfy the requirements of its existing and new clients across the globe.

Over the period of time, we have successfully expanded our areas of business with the support of our channel partners and have gradually diversified and have formed a dedicated department for processing and exports of spices and Infusion.

VitaPro offers the Ethnic range of Indian spices, Herbs and Infusions free from artificial colors and artificial flavors.

Our Strength

The endeavor and ability to combine ‘state of the art’ technology in our products with good old values of truth, trust, and reliability in our conduct and dealings with our trade partners and our ultimate end-users is our real strength.

VitaPro always has a collaborative approach and brings the collective strength of a Farmer, Processor, Packer, and Customer to create a strong bond to create value for all the channel partners.

The company maintains a strong banking structure and relationships with many leading national and international banks.

Our twin watchwords have been ‘Simple’ and Reliable’.
Guided by our corporate statement, ‘simple and reliable’, we develop our product with superior Quality and closely monitor every project through each stage of production providing a reliable product that makes life simple for the end-user.
It is this satisfaction and customer trust and loyalty that make VitaPro an important and fast-growing player in its market.

Our Purpose

To provide Nutritive and natural products using emerging safe technologies.
To create awareness for better nutrition and healthy food for a better environment.

VitaPro works for the betterment of all its stakeholders- Customers, Trade partners and the society at large.
Company’s Vast experience and global reach and structure allow for the most effective Product, sourcing and quality control operations.
We at VitaPro always have a collaborative approach.

Our Competitiveness

It is not just the product that counts today, supreme service benefits your business and thus VitaPro provides special services according to each customer need. Most of all, we share our knowledge with our clients to support their business.
We can furnish you with the best of expertise in the planning and execution of your sourcing in consonance with our exacting standards at all stages of the process.
We offer branding solutions to large RETAIL formats and HORECA – the foodservice segment.

At Vitapro, all innovation is targeted towards the end customer and their requirements and aspirations. Our ‘No compromise on Quality’ policy yet our competitive end prices make us a unique value proposition in the market place.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Vita Pro office or submit a business inquiry online.

Spice A Dish With Love And It Pleases Every Palate

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